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- why we do it - 

Don't get us wrong, we love glorified styled shoots and epic landscapes just as much at the next photographer, but let's get down to business. (And if you just subconsciously sang "to defeat the Huns" you are our kind of people.)

As photographers we know you are passionate about your art, but we also know how hard it is for an artist to run a business. No worries, we got you covered. We aren't artists trying to run a business, we're business folk with a passion for art. 

We created this workshop for the artists. For the wanderers, for the adventurers, for those with a unique way of visual storytelling but could use a boost to build a sustainable business. We want you to love what you do, have the freedom to create, and live out all of your wildest photography dreams... all while paying your bills. (You might even be able to afford guac on your burrito)

We created this workshop for real clients. Models are great for editorials, but let's get back to shooting the real couples. The real people, who are really in love, with unique love stories.  The people who come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Let's get back to learning and loving how to shoot, pose, and edit the real life clients we get on a day-to-day basis, making them look and feel magazine worthy.  

We created this workshop for you. And your honest photography business. Let's jump into the nitty gritty about money, taxes, insurance, contracts, pricing yourself, marketing, sales and what it takes to actually run a successful business. Let's talk about the constant identity struggles of working in an oversaturated market (and how to combat that). Let's get real about being genuine on social media. Let's talk about you, and the reason you do what you do. 

So if you dream of attending a workshop where you can ask the tough questions, fine tune your business approach, and shoot real couples in kick epic locations, it's time to sign up for California Dreamin. We're ready for you. 

let the adventures begin.

- The Mission -

Should you choose to except it (we're into movie quotes, people) is to become well equipped to successfully run your business, challenge yourself creatively, and create meaningful and personal content to reflect your brand. 

 What Makes This Workshop Different? 

We don't like wasting time or money, so we aren't going to waste yours. This workshop is first and foremost an interactive business intensive. We want you to succeed, and will equip you with the tools and knowledge to do so. We want you to learn how to shoot, pose, and edit your day-to-day clients and make them feel amazing. Also, we really love California. From beautiful mountaintops to serene cliffside views, California has so much to offer and we're going to see it all. And if business help, epic locations, and real couples doesn't entice you, at least come for the tacos (they're amazing)

Who's the Workshop for?

As much as we love places like the PNW and Iceland, they have the advantage of all the time overcast (jealous). California (at least SoCal) is sunny 99.99% of the time. So if you want to learn to shoot in harsh mid-day sun, with nary a cloud in site.... this is for you. 

+ Are you a photographer? You should come.

+ Do you have an itch for adventure? You should come.

+ Need a creative outlet? You should come.

+ Want to make some awesome new friends? You should come.

+ Need a portfolio boost? You should come.

+ Need help with SEO, blogging, or business stuff? You should come.

+ Need to raise your pricing? You should come.

+ Slightly obsessed with California? Need a tan? Want a vacay? YOU SHOULD TOTALLY COME.


So if you hate California, adventure, photography, awesome people and tacos, this probably isn't the workshop for you.

When's the Next One?!

so glad you asked, check out our next adventure!